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How to find high earning online work in Italy?

You will find many online business ideas in Italy, but it can be difficult to find one that fits neatly into our life, but we have a solution

Since being in the home based and online industry for some years I decided to research among my home working friends that live in Italy and find out what is their major motivation for working from home and online. I believed that I would be surprised at the results but their answers seemed to correlate and mimic the reasoning's to work from home globally.

The group was eclectic to normal and everywhere in between and yes, there were stay at home mum's, people with disabilities, retired people, students and anybody else you can imagine. The more successful were the individuals who took their role seriously and treated it as a full time job, but other rare success stories we single mum's who had never owned a business before the responsibility of children came along. As Sofia told me, a single mum from Rome, “I have enjoyed travelling, partying and having fun for years, but my daughter needs me to step up and take responsibility for both of us”.

Most work online and at home on a part-time basis, but some start part-time and slowly end up working full-time, but it is really up to the individual how they want to integrate their home business into their personal and family life.

To give you a clearer idea of the advantages of working from home I have set out a list of reasons why you should jump at the chance and become self employed in Italy.

9 reasons why people do home
and online work in Italy

My research allowed me to break down the main reasons for working from home into nine sections from the classic work when I want motive to earning extra money for that special thing you could not otherwise afford.


Having the power to dictate your own timetable

I was not shocked to find out that having the freedom to decide what we do during our day is a massive motivator for the home and online workers. Many mum's tell me that once they had got their kids ready for school being able to sit down for a short while and relax before starting their home business was a mercy. Some liked the idea of working once the children were in bed and others enjoyed the freedom during the day.

Regardless, how you use your day, the main problem many informed me was that getting lost in non-work related things created a feeling that they were not in control. This brought on the risk of procrastination and overthinking the simplest tasks. The solution is to structure and plan your day from morning to evening.

Most of us laugh about this in later years, but nobody said being an entrepreneur was easy, so again as Sofia took responsibility for her child and her business, so we all need to take responsibility with ours, if we want to become successful working from home.


Achieve your personal goals

Have you ever felt that your job or even family were taking over your life, leaving you being identified as someone's mother, father, wife or husband? That person you remember has disappeared into the abyss with your identity and personal aspirations being put on the back burning.

So, is the home or online business the solution? Having a flexible timetable in your day will change everything, because it means you now have time for your children, you can do something that you truly love and even travel when you want.

However, we return to the same issue of home business planning and time management, because creating the right work / life balance will be the difference between success and failure.


Extra money for your passion

I think the first thing most of us think about when we get some extra money is,”where are we going on holiday?” I personally did the same for some years, using my extra money to travel more and because the business was online I could keep up to date wherever I was. However, that is me, I know many people working from home that started when they saw their dream car or dream house. The advantage of pursuing a passion in your online business is because it keeps you on track and in the right mindset to succeed at all costs.


No more driving to work if you have online work in Italy

Clearly the Eco-minded would see this as a moral reason not to drive to work, but it is also a largely financial and time issue. Just imagine, you have to get up early, feed the kids, take them to school and then drive to work. In addition, work related travel expenses are a massive part of your income, if we take into account petrol, insurance, wear and tear, general repairs, parking and speeding tickets, and even road tolls. In many cases an extra car may not be needed creating an even larger income from working from home.


In control of the money

Working for yourself means being in control of the ebb and flow nature. So, I understand why many decide not to pursue a home based business, because they want to see a regular and livable income all through the year. However, self employment does allow you to be paid what you are worth, which means when someone is working hard they are earning big.

So, as a business owner you can set your own goals and work as long or as little as you want. In addition, you are free to drum up new business and customers by marketing and advertising to gain more profits.


Tax benefits for starting a small business in Italy

Self-employment does come with obvious advantages in entrepreneurship in Italy, but it does have its share of risks and challenges, despite which an increasing number of people across the world prefer self-employment. Self-employment is just as popular with foreigners living in Italy as it is for Italians where many successful self-employed individuals reside. The only negative aspect is the red tape in Italy can be difficult but still doable if the entrepreneur is committed and passionate about what they are doing.


Dress code is totally chilled

More than once I have been standing in my underpants talking to a customer who has called me a bit early in the morning. However, being in relaxed dress is a nice way to run a business. My personal view is that even though it is great that there is no dress code, we should still get dressed, even if we dress in a relaxed manner. I believe that creates the right mindset for being a business person.


You are your own boss

Does anyone really like being told what to do? If you are the type who really does not want someone ordering you about everyday then running a home business is ideal for you. This simply means you can work in the best way that fits your mentality and attitude to life. On the other hand, the home business owner needs to be more committed to what they do on a daily basis, so they do not drift into being a procrastinator. Stuff still needs to be done, because now you are your own boss.


The possibility to grow your business is massive

When we are stuck in a dead end job, the home business gives us that escape from the daily drag. Of course, ever job or opportunity has its day to day routine that can bore the hell out of us, but the flexibility to change and develop our business is limitless. We can branch out into different directions if we feel we can, we can change our working location from home to a local cafe or we can arrange meetings at our own convenience.

However, the main growth will come from you. The reality is, starting a small business in Italy or in fact any country in the world requires learning new skills. If you want to be successful and stay on top of your game, developing skills and knowledge is going to be a key factor whether or not you will be successful. This means, building a daily training plan that will allow you to expand your mind and give you the skills that will make you and your business grow.

Are you the right person to start online work in Italy?

Are you looking for online jobs in Italy for English speakers? Are your already self employed but need an extra stream of income? Or are you just someone who wants more from life in Italy regardless if you are a local or not? Regardless of what your reason is for starting a small business in Italy we may have the solution for you.

Online business ideas in Italy

Online entrepreneur

Finding the right online business ideas in Italy

Since the raise of the internet the entrepreneur is not trapped in Italy. This is fantastic for those who really want to be somewhere else while living in Italy.

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Starting a small business in Italy

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